Body Contouring


 Imperfections in body type tend to ruin presentation which in turn can have a negative impact on one’s self esteem. We believe that what is beautiful should stay beautiful. Which is why our Body Contouring programme aims to create the perfect you. Essentially this works for both types of people – those who want to get rid of that nagging cellulite, as well as the petite ones who want a curvaceous figure.

Experience the magic of i-Lipo Ultra

Go from flab to fab with our Fat Reduction programme that helps you lose those unwanted inches in literally no time and with no pain. Our i-Lipo Ultra procedure, the only one of its kind in Eastern India, uses the most advanced technology in laser lipolysis with Chromogenex equipment. Your body type will never come in the way of your beauty again!

i-Lipo Ultra - FAQs:

i-Lipo Ultra is an option available to all above the age of 18. Our experts will guide you through the process as certain individuals may have a few physical limitations. They will help you choose the best suited plan.

There are no known records of i-Lipo Ultra side-effects. However, people with dark complexion may face transient pigmentation. It is advisable for people with pre-existing medical condition to consult their physician before commencing the i-Lipo Ultra treatment process.

For most people, there is very little sensation during i-Lipo treatment, except slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with the skin.

The suggested treatment courses are 8-10 sessions with treatments scheduled every 2-3 days. However, each person has individual requirements and goals and your exact schedule will be determined at your consultation.

Most people have measurable reductions in circumference of the treatment area immediately after the first treatment and, if you follow the guidelines given to you by the clinic, this reduction will continue to improve at each treatment session.

You will see visible results in just eight to twelve sessions. As long as you practice a healthy lifestyle, results will last longer. To help you understand how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we arrange a consultation session with our Lifestyle Manager.

We advise that focus of treatment is on one body area at a time to ensure the best clinical progress. However, once one area is re-shaped to how you want it, you can target other problem spots.

Definitely. You can return to your normal pursuits feeling rejuvenated and energetic

Body Shaping Inch by Inch

Don’t let your petite figure get in the way of a curvaceous figure. Indulge in our Body Shaping procedure and gift yourself the luscious curves that you always desired. A painless, non invasive procedure that shows immediate results, Body Shaping is a targeted at adding definition to your physique and make you look drop dead gorgeous.


  • No incision/needles/invasive procedures involved
  • No medical repercussion or side effects.
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Immediate effect with increased inch loss